Services Turret Punching

With two turret punching machines onsite, Laser Central can work with your team to produce any features you need in your sheet metal fabrication. Create holes, slots, notches and many other desired shapes with our precise and automated technology run by our team of highly skilled technicians.

Whether for manufacturing, electronics, automotive, aerospace and more, this process is incredibly cost and time-effective for medium to high-volume production runs, as it can rapidly produce parts with minimal setup time between jobs.


Key Capabilities

Material sheet sizes up to 4100 x 1500

3mm Galspan, 2mm Mild Steel, 2mm Stainless Steel

Auto load and unload

Louvre panel tooling


Unparalleled Precision

Our state-of-the-art turret punching technology ensures accuracy down to the tiniest detail, including flawless perforations, forming and intricate patterns on metal sheets.

Lightning-Fast Turnaround

Experience rapid project completion without compromising on excellence.


Our turret punching services cover a wide range of materials, from stainless steel and aluminium to brass and more.

Custom Designs, Tailored for You

Whether it's intricate designs or specific shapes, we specialise in turning our clients’ visions into reality.