Services Metal Folding

Laser Central offers metal folding services to give you extra capacity without the capital cost. Utilising the best in metal fabrication pressing technology, we do more for less while also giving you access to our ready-to-use precision-cut parts. Get all your metal cutting and pressing needs met in a single place for a fast, high-quality turnaround.

Key Capabilities

Multiple 135tn brake presses

Short lead times

Pressing sheet metal up to 3050mm long

Thicker materials pressed (length determined by thickness)

Full 6 axis back gauge - fold almost any shape quickly and efficiently

Full 3D programming

Utilises laser measuring to ensure repeated accuracy

Laser Central’s Folding Metal Advantages

Extra capacity without the capital cost

Utilise the best in pressing technology – do more for less

Laser measuring means accurate parts with a high level of consistency

Ready to use parts without opening a sheet metal workshop

Get all you need laser cut and pressed at one place with great service

Laser Measuring

Most high quality machines are accurate by design and reputation.

Only Laser Central’s LVD brake press with laser measuring system can guarantee to get it right every time.

Accurate Metal Folding

Minor variations in material quality and material thickness can lead to intolerance on folded parts. Our system checks for spring back and compensates the program parameter automatically, ensuring good folds every time.