About Us

We build strong relationships with our customers, working with them to creatively deliver opportunities that empower them to achieve long-lasting success

Laser Central provides premium metal processing services for flat bed and tube laser cutting, metal folding, counter sinking, drilling and tapping, and edge rounding. We have experience in a wide range of industries including mining, defence, automotive, agricultural industries, construction, housing, and manufacturing.

Laser Central is committed to professional service and quality like no other within the laser cutting industry. We aim to be the Number One Metal Processing Partner for all our clients. Laser Central is a 100% Australian, family-owned metal processing company based at Darra, in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane. We provide premium services for flat and tubular metal products, offering laser-cutting and finishing services across the board.

Whether you’re seeking a specialist metal cutter, pipe cutting services, or even metal folding capabilities – we can cater to your specific needs with ease. We’re responsive to whatever our clients need and are always aiming to be the best in the laser cutting industry. We work together with our clients to creatively deliver opportunities that empower them to achieve long-lasting success, forging strong partnerships and a high level of trust in our capabilities.

5 reasons why you should get in touch with us today:
  • We have a proactive approach towards our customers, and respond to all enquiries as promptly as possible.
  • We go the extra mile to ensure people are satisfied with our services.
  • However specific your project gets, we have the capabilities to meet your needs.
  • We even provide extra processes to simplify your supply chain, saving time and resources – we are your one-stop metal processing shop.
  • We have experience working across a broad range of industries. This means we have the knowledge to assist you with your specific requirements.