Corporate Social Responsibility
Community Impact

Through our values, we not only creatively deliver opportunities that empower our clients’ long-lasting success, we also prioritise contributing to the future
well-being of society and walk the walk through supporting a wide range of innovation and education projects.

Raising the bar With Our Services

Providing work experience for school students

Work experience is a great way for young people to learn about the world of work, and gain hands-on experience in a job or industry, giving them the confidence and practical skills they need to succeed in the workplace. At Laser Central, we ensure that such programs exist so that school students can discover what the metal processing industry has to offer.

University support to engineering departments

As part of our social support, we provide laser cutting assistance to unique projects within the engineering departments at various universities. Laser Central has been involved with UQ Racing, Griffith Racing Team, QUT Motorsport and UTAS Motorsport.


We are committed to finding ongoing solutions for minimising our environmental footprint both upstream and downstream. We understand that laser cutting, as a fundamental process, demands substantial power consumption. To address this, we adopt a holistic, lifecycle impact approach. This involves the utilisation of cutting-edge technology for power factor correction, implementing energy-efficient LED lighting, employing state-of-the-art laser facilities to reduce energy consumption, running a comprehensive program for recycling and reusing for multiple waste streams, and sustain flexible working arrangements to further our sustainability efforts.


We are committed to fostering sustainable growth through a well-defined investment strategy, one that upholds the manufacturing community and its workforce for years to come. We take pride in supporting the Australian business community by actively seeking goods and services from within our nation whenever possible.

Business practices

We remain dedicated to nurturing a proactive culture that places paramount importance on the well-being of our team members, emphasising health, safety, and work/life balance. Our commitment to continuous improvement is unwavering as we consistently strive to set higher standards and raise the bar. In our efforts to build a diverse workforce, we've been proactive in providing residency opportunities for skilled labour from overseas, and we ensure strict adherence to employment standards through our membership in prominent employer associations.