Tubular Laser Cutting

Laser Central has one of the largest tube laser cutting facilities in Australia. Our ability to laser cut tubes of most shapes and sizes makes us the perfect choice for any high quality laser cut tube project.

Key Capabilities

  • Up to 300mm diameter
  • Handle lengths up to 12 metres
  • 3D (6-axis) laser cutting of tubular, structural and long product sections
  • Bevelling, weld preparations, true mitre cutting
  • Processing a full range of materials, including mild steel, stainless and aluminium
  • Endless possibilities

What are tubular, or structural and long product sections?

What size sections can be processed?

What can be done with this technology?

Tubular, Structural and Long Product Sections

Laser Central’s state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment can cut lengths up to 12 metres. We can laser cut a variety of tubing, column, rail, angle and most beams and extrusions.

The following sections can be laser cut at Laser Central:

Mild Steel and Stainless Steel

Tubular products

  • CHS & Pipe
  • RHS & SHS
  • Stock rail, Unirail, SiloTube
  • Custom formed sections

Structural and Long Products

  • Angle
  • Channel
  • Universal beams and columns
  • Parallel tapered flanges


Tubular products

  • CHS
  • RHS & SHS

Extruded Section

  • Angle
  • Channel
  • Universal beams and columns
  • Custom extrusions

Other Materials

Please contact us for enquiry

Maximum Processing Sizes

Laser Central can laser cut round or square tubing up to 300mm and even I beam section to any shape or intricacy. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures every section of your tubular laser cutting job is identical and within 0.5mm accuracy.

What size sections can be processed?

Section Maximum Size Maximum Wall Thickness
CHS & Pipe 300mm diameter 10mm 10mm 5mm
SHS 200 x 200mm 12.5mm 12mm 5mm
RHS 250 x 150mm 12.5mm 12mm 5mm
(depends on section mass, allow about 72 kg / m)        
Structural and Long Products
Angle/Channel 200x200mm 20mm 12mm 5mm
Univeral Beam/ column At least 150UB and 150UC Larger sizes to be confirmed 8mm 8mm 5mm
Custom Sections        
Maximum diagonal 300mm, Must be uniform dimensions Non tapering along length        

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