Meet The Laser Central Meerkats

Meet Laser Central’s Indoor soccer team the mighty Meerkats! The story behind the name is a long running joke at Laser Central. It all started when one of the team members from the tube department bought two meerkats from Aldi as a joke, Rob the CEO at Laser Central thought this was funny and brought some more. It became a habit of Rob’s to buy more Meerkats every time he saw one. Now the tube department is decorated with about fifteen meerkats and from this, the name of Laser Central’s premier soccer team was born.

Everyone has different reasons for joining the Meerkats, some are in it for the glory and the trophies, some are just looking for a little bit of exercise and others claim to be in it for the free tee shirt.

That said the Meerkats agree they are working pretty well together and having a lot of fun along the way. “We’re like the team at the start of the Mighty Ducks before they start to get good.”

The team also agrees that playing together has been great for their morale by giving them something new to bond over at work. Generally, the departments don’t work with each other so this is a good opportunity to bring the company together over a shared interest. “It gives you respect for your workmates as well.”

Laser Central is proud of the Meerkats for getting out there and giving it a go, that being said if they don’t win, we reserve the right to pay you out about it the next day. So get out there and give it your all boys!

Well be keeping our clients and staff up to date on whether or not the mighty Meerkats make it to the championships.

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