Laser Central Launches into a New Chapter

For 20 years Laser Central has been striving to be the best in the industry. We are here to provide a high-quality laser cutting service to companies that dream big and reach for the stars.

Recently Laser Central took this philosophy one step further by partnering with Black Sky Aerospace to help build Australia’s first ever commercial rocket to be sent into sub-orbit.

It takes meticulous preparation, consistency and accuracy to launch a rocket and Laser Central was honoured to be part of the project by cutting fins and assisting with the setup.

Some lucky representatives from our team were there when history was made on a farm four hours outside of Brisbane, but this was a great moment for the whole team.

The five-metre tall rocket was launched reaching more than 18 thousand feet eventually falling back to earth where the rocket was collected and the experiment was declared a success!

And that’s only the beginning. Queensland rocket scientists are aiming even higher with a new rocket that’s two and a half times bigger than the first. This one is set to blast off in late 2019.

This is just the start for Australia’s budding space age, and Laser Central could not have been happier to have been there from the start.

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