Why Businesses In The Transport Industry Use Laser Central

The transport industry experienced growth in 2018 and this is predicted to continue into 2019. The government is committed to public transport growth with the investment in Queensland’s public transport industry expected to reach 21.6 billion over the next four years. This presents plenty of opportunity for those in the automobile industry to invest in expanding their businesses. Here is why many of these companies come to Laser Central for laser cutting solutions.


Laser Central has plenty of experience in providing Laser Cutting services for the transport industry. This includes agricultural machinery, public transport vehicle manufacturing, exhaust gas systems and more.


Laser Central’s capabilities far exceed those of our competitors. We offer a single stop solution for laser cutting, tube cutting and metal folding services. This saves businesses time and money.

Fast lead times

20 years in the business has taught us that our clients are often working under strict deadlines. We know if we can’t turn around a project fast enough, we’ll cause our client to run behind schedule which can throw off an entire project. That’s why we promise fast lead times on all our projects.

Excellent customer service

Laser Central has found that a lot of our long term clients credit an overall excellent customer experience for their continued use of our services. At Laser Central, we know that providing the client with a quality product at the end of the day is only half the job. We also want them to find the overall experience of working with us to be easy and enjoyable. We want them to continue to trust in our ability to deliver exactly what they need with minimum fuss.

If you work in the Transport Industry and need laser cutting services, look no further than Laser Central. No matter how specific the project, we have the capabilities to meet your needs.

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