Laser Central Privacy Statement

Laser Central is committed to protecting and securing the privacy of your personal information.

From 21 December 2001 Government and private organisations are bound by new sections of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988. Laser Central is obliged to adhere to the National Privacy Principles in relation to collecting, using, disclosing, securing and allowing access to your personal information.

Protection of Personal Details

The only personal information held by Laser Central in regard to its clients are:

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Bank details

These details are held solely for the purpose of conducting business, and only information that is strictly necessary to conduct business will be collected.

Personal information is not sold or released to unauthorised third parties.

Laser Central aims to ensure that the information held is accurate and complete. However, as the accuracy is largely dependent on the information provided, it will assist us if you inform us of any required changes to your personal information.

Laser Central will take all reasonable steps to ensure your data is secured and is not lost, misused or subject to unauthorised access.

Under the privacy requirements you have the right to access the personal information Laser Central holds about you, and how the information is collected, held used and disclosed.

All requests for personal information should be made by email, post or detailed below:

Writing to: Managing Director

PO Box 239 Sumner Park Q 4074


Telephoning: 07 3375 6022

Between the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.