Laser Central Provides Edge Rounding Services

Edge rounding is one of the finishing processes Laser Central provides for our clients. While other companies use edge breaking, we prefer to use edge rounding to provide a more seamless finish.

In Standards Australia’s Guide to the protection of structural steel against atmospheric corrosion by the use of protective coatings, the body strongly recommends that all laser cut parts that will be coated (both galvanised and painted) should be provided with the edges ground off.

Edge rounding prevents injury during manual handling and when feeding cables through tubes. This makes it easier for installation and use!

If edges are not rounded, cracks in the metal can increase the chances of oxidisation and lead to corrosion. Splits in the metal can prevent the coat from being effective and lead to paint peeling.

Our machinery uses two-sided edge rounding to ensure each part is consistent on the inside and outside contours.

We are able to process steel, stainless steel and aluminium. There is no need to worry about contamination during this process, each metal is treated with different tools.

Contamination occurs when a type of metal is exposed to another type. Even the smallest shaving of iron can contaminate a sheet of stainless steel. This is why it is crucial to store each type of metal separately and always have a clean work station.

The maximum part dimensions are 1500mm wide, 3000mm long. However, we are able to provide this service for longer pieces of metal by special arrangement.

This is just one of many extra services Laser Central provides to ensure we are doing everything in our capability to help our clients keep their project moving along, whatever that might be.

To make an enquiry about our edge rounding services, you can always get in touch with the team at Laser Central. Our friendly sales staff can provide you with quotes and any other information you might need.

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