Always rise to the challenge …

“We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with Laser Central. We have found their service to be always dependable, friendly and reliable over many years of working together.

Their attention to detail and willingness to listen to our needs is extremely important to our company. This has enabled us to undertake large scale projects with tight delivery schedules with full confidence in their ability to meet our requirements in terms of delivery and quality.

We have put Laser Central under pressure a number times and they have always risen to the challenge and never let us down They are an extremely valued and important partner in our supply chain and their willingness to listen, and commitment to the job means that we are free to focus on other parts of our projects”

PB @ SC in Hamilton Queensland

We have reduced machine building times by half …

“For many years we have looked at its suppliers to give them a competitive edge in reducing manufacturing costs and thus reducing retail prices. With the local and overseas markets closing in, we had to reach out to our closest suppliers to look at different ways to manufacture more effectively. One of these suppliers is Laser Central.

Laser Central has invested in cutting edge technology such as the unique 5 axis laser cutting system. This 5 axis laser system has drastically changed the way we actually design and manufacture our machines. We have reduced the machine building times by half through the removal of measuring, drilling, preparing welds and fitting. This in turn has kept us competitive not only in the home market but the overseas market as well. The benefits also extend to working conditions and literally having parts that are correct every time.

Laser Central has worked closely with us on many systems to fine tune the design, ordering and delivery schedules and without doubt are our preferred supplier of laser cutting. Their professionalism in customer service, quality and punctuality has fended off many a competitor in their extremely competitive market place.”

RB @ WT in Eight Mile Plains Queensland

Use Laser Central and you’ll win more jobs …

“We have been using the Laser Central laser cutting facility for nearly 13 years now and have been a customer since their inception. We enjoy the relationship and service that has developed.

In more recent times we have seen the benefits of their tubular cutting machine in producing transition cuts, mitres and shaped cut outs in hollow sections. For us, the key benefits are cut accuracy, repeatability and labour saving. This is because laser cutting of hollow sections replaces what was a completely manual process that involved our tradesmen developing the cut profile by traditional methods, marking out the profile and then manually cutting the material by hand plasma or oxy acetylene processes.

We have used Laser Central for pipe cutting where pipes join at angular connections and for cutting slots and holes in pipes. I have included a picture of a bridge drainage project we have done recently where slots were cut in pipe using the laser facility and the result was accurate cuts at a cost that helped us to win the job.”

Use Laser Central and you’ll win more jobs.”

TB @ BF in Redbank Queensland