Laser Central’s 2019 Highlights

2019 was a HUGE year for Laser Central. As the year draws to a close, we thought now would be a fantastic time to reflect on some of the highlights. If we tried to list everything the team at Laser Central has achieved this year, we’d be here all week! Instead, here are just a handful of our favourite moments.

Laser Central starts an indoor soccer team

This year Laser Central launched their very own indoor soccer team, the Mighty Meerkats! While the Meerkats might not have made the finals, the teammates all agreed that this was a great team bonding exercise and enjoyed having something to share with their colleagues that wasn’t work related.

Read more about the Meerkats here

Laser Central partners with UQ Racing

Earlier this year Laser Central worked with UQ Racing to help them build a formula SAE race car! The students from UQ Racing were enthusiastic about using Laser Central’s facilities and it was great for team morale to know they were helping these bright young minds put their theoretical knowledge to practical use. The resulting car was truly something and we were so proud to have been involved.

Read more about Laser Central’s work with UQ racing here

Laser Central takes part in Inside Advanced Manufacturing

Inside Advanced Manufacturing shone a light on Queensland’s innovation success stories and the manufacturers of the future. This event was part of the Queensland Government’s commitment to helping our manufacturers remain globally competitive. Laser Central was invited to take part in this event by opening our doors to others in the industry and showcasing our factory, technologies, and practices.

Read more about Inside Advanced Manufacturing here

Laser Central attends Beyond The Pipeline

‘Beyond The Pipeline’ the Australian Steel Convention in Sydney, focused on the future of the steel industry. Laser Central’s presence at this convention gave us the perfect opportunity to demonstrate to key players in the steel industry how we are embracing the latest technology with the development of Laser Central 4.0 which will help our company become the largest and most advanced laser processing facility in Australia.

Read more about Beyond The Pipeline here

Laser Central helps UQ Space take home the gold

At Laser Central we have a keen interest in Australia’s future as a leader in the field of Aeroscience. That’s why we were so honoured to play a part in UQ Space’s first place victory at the inaugural Australian Universities Rocket Competition.

You can read more about Laser Central’s partnership with UQ Space here

Laser Central visits Italy

At Laser Central, we’re committed to staying ahead of the game, which is why this year three of our team members travelled to Italy to receive world-class training with the BLM Group to learn about our brand new machine a BLM Adige LT8.10 Fibre, one of the best 3D lasers currently on the market. Team leader Aaron Dryden (Tube Lead Programmer) went along on the trip and said, “Taking the time to attend this training opportunity has ensured that we now have the skills to maintain our high standards when we’re working with our new machine.”

You can see footage from Laser Central’s Italy trip here

Laser Central moves to a new location

Easily the biggest thing to happen at Laser Central this year was our big move to the new location. After 14 years at West Link Place, Richlands, it was time for Laser Central to upgrade. Our new location is substantially larger than our old place and includes a range of exciting new features such as solar power and separate sections for goods inwards and outwards allowing for better workflows. While moving a business as big as Laser Central was no easy task, we were incredibly lucky to have the support of our amazing team and patience of our clients during this time.

You can view drone footage of our new location Here

These are just a handful of the highlights from what has been an incredible year for Laser Central. We can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring!