Laser Central Was Proud To Support TeamArrow in the World Solar Challenge

This month saw solar powered vehicles from all over the world race through the Australian desert as part of the 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, a gruelling 3000km journey from Darwin to Adelaide across some of the most unforgiving terrain on the planet. One of the teams participating in the event was TeamArrow, who are proudly supported by Laser Central.

After first entering the World Solar Challenge in 2013, TeamArrow has gone from strength to strength, and 2019 saw their vehicle, Arrow1, hit the road in the Adventure Class division.

Built on their Sports Touring Framework, this vehicle was designed to look and feel like a real sports car. It’s a 2-seater, solar electric car, that meets the Australian Design Regulations allowing for it to be deemed roadworthy. TeamArrow believes their vehicle has the potential to be commercialised in the future, helping to pave the way for a true solar powered transportation revolution.

The Arrow1 reached Adelaide at around midday on day 6 of the World Solar Challenge, having travelled between 300 and 700 kilometres a day. All teams participating in the event must be self-sufficient, camping wherever they happen to get to by 5:00 pm each day. Teams are allowed to perform basic maintenance, but only at 9 specific checkpoints along the journey.

Finishing this journey under the strict conditions of the competition is an incredible achievement, and Laser Central wants to congratulate everyone on TeamArrow, as well as every team that participated.

The event isn’t just an excuse to test drive the vehicle, it’s also about networking with some of the best engineers from around the world. Sharing and learning from each other raises the standard for everyone, and Laser Central is thrilled to be playing a part in that exchange of ideas.

As solar power enthusiasts ourselves (our factory is officially the largest privately-owned use of solar panels in Queensland), Laser Central jumped at the chance to support an endeavour which seeks to push the technology, sustainability and efficiency of solar power.

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