Laser Central is Officially the Largest Privately-Owned User of Solar Panels in Queensland

Laser Central has always been a leader in innovative thinking within the manufacturing industry, challenging norms and embracing new technology. As of October 2019, with our new factory in Darra coming online, we have officially become the largest private user of solar panels in Queensland. 

Right from the first full day of operations at the new factory, we’ve been powered nearly 100% by solar. This also makes us Australia’s only “green lasers”.

Setting up this state-of-the-art facility has been a project long in the making, starting as an ambitious idea in the mind of Managing Director, Rob Newton. On the reasons behind his passion for pushing technology in manufacturing forward, he said, “We believe in continual growth and innovation. When you work with us and our technology, you not only receive expert results, you also gain a competitive edge.”

In addition to innovation, Laser Central is committed to sustainability. Running machinery at this scale on solar power comes with a hugely positive environmental impact. While reducing emission and being far less reliant on public energy infrastructure and pricing, Laser Central’s new premises are a case study in sustainable power. 

The factory also marks the largest solar installation to date for Hembrows Electrical, who had to implement some tricky problem solving to navigate a lightweight roof design. They, like Laser Central, are thrilled with the results.  

For the technically inclined, the specifications of the project (courtesy of Hembrows) are:

815.04kW rooftop solar system including:

  • 2,146 x Canadian solar panels (mix of 360W and 400W)
  • 8 x 82.8 kW plus 1 x 25kW solar edge inverters
  • 1,074 x DC optimisers
  • Clenergy racking system
  • 400kVAr ABB PFC unit with 3-phase controller

The solar panels aren’t just a spectacular achievement of engineering, they look spectacular as well. Check them out in the video below.