Laser Central is bringing you the latest in Italian technology

At Laser Central, we’re committed to staying ahead of the game, which is why three of our team members recently received world-class training with the BLM Group in Italy.

Having recently invested in a BLM Adige LT8.10 Fibre, one of the best 3D lasers currently on the market, the BLM Group invited our team abroad for five days of training at their training academy in Trento, Italy, a scenic location surrounded by breathtaking mountain peaks.

Eager to learn more about our new equipment, our Tube Lead Programmer Aaron Dryden travelled to Italy along with our Tube Team Leader Glen Pedley and Project Office Matthew Buchanan. When asked about the experience of training with the Italian manufacturers, Mr Dryden said that the guidance by BLM Group was delivered with great enthusiasm and was also incredibly educational.

“The Italians strive for perfection, they listen to the needs of their customers and are committed to improving their machines and software to stay on top. At Laser Central we use our tube machines in a different manner to a lot of their usual clients, so we threw a lot of curveball questions to their experts. These queries were always met with understanding and enthusiasm to support us in our Adige journey,” Mr Dryden said.

Given that the BLM Adige LT8.10 Fibre is our first machine purchased from the BLM Group, this training trip was a vital step in allowing us to gain further insight from the experts, so that we can translate that knowledge into a more superior service for our clients. Without this level of hands on training, Mr Dryden said that learning the ropes of the new 3D laser cutter would have been a long and tedious process, especially when it came to getting on top of the new software and technology post-installation.

Thanks to the team’s trip to Italy, our experts will be able to hit the ground running when our new machine is delivered directly to our new location, which will allow us to jump straight into our next chapter with ease.

“This machine will eliminate any tube downtime while our other machines are relocated to our new site, in turn increasing our capacity to service our clients once the tube department is settled in the new workshop,” Mr Dryden said.

To further assist our team with the transition to using this new machine, the BLM Group will also provide an additional 5 days of training once the BLM Adige LT8.10 Fibre is installed at our new location.

When asked about what kinds of jobs this new machine will assist with, Mr Dryden said that the BLM Adige will greatly increase Laser Central’s tube cutting capacity all round.

“The cutting speed of the BLM Adige LT8.10 Fibre is comparable to our German-made Trumpf TruLaser Tube 7000 T03. What sets this machine apart from our other machines is that it uses fibre technology, a technology that will see our cutting capabilities increase significantly when it comes to working with aluminium and stainless steel. This means that we will be able to cut thicker profiles, with the ability to achieve a full 45 degree bevel on certain sections. Previously, with our CO2 machines, the reflectiveness of materials has limited our cutting thickness and ability to work in 3D,” Mr Dryden said.

When it comes to delivering a superior service to our clients, nothing beats the advantages provided by hands on training. At Laser Central, we appreciate that all tube machines operate differently, which is exactly why we sent our team members to Italy to receive world-class training.

“We pride ourselves on producing quality laser cutting products across all departments. Taking the time to attend this training opportunity has ensured that we now have the skills to maintain our high standards when we’re working with our new machine, from the very first part we produce at our new location,” Mr Dryden said.

The best part? As far as we know, this is the first fibre machine of its kind to arrive on our shores, making Laser Central the first, and only, Australian business to offer the benefits of the BLM Adige. Just another reason why you will feel the superior difference when you work with us at our new location.

To learn more about how fibre technology can help with your next project you can speak to our friendly staff, or keep an eye on our LinkedIn for regular updates.