Laser Central Goes Beyond The Pipeline

As part of Laser Central’s push to grow and expand the reach of our company, we recently attended Beyond The Pipeline, the Australian Steel Convention in Sydney.

‘Beyond The Pipeline’ focused on the future of the steel industry. It aimed to examine current practices and explore how advancements in technology can help the steel industry keep up with national demand and remain a key player on the world stage.

With 240 delegates in attendance over the 3 days, Laser Central’s presence at this convention gave us the perfect opportunity to demonstrate to key players in the steel industry how we are embracing the latest technology with the development of Laser Central 4.0.

Laser Central 4.0 will help our company become the largest and most advanced laser processing facility in Australia. While we are the first in the industry to embrace the latest technology in metal processing, this technology has been used to improve production in Europe and America for over a decade.

Over the 3 days of the convention, we were able to speak to delegates about how we are the perfect metal processing partner for infrastructure and building companies looking to embrace new technologies and improve processes in order to compete at an international level.

We were successful in demonstrating the benefits of working with Laser Central to the attendees at the convention and have received many enquiries about our latest technology since the event.

It was an honour to have the opportunity to attend this prestigious event and proudly share with those in the building and infrastructure industry the progress Laser Central has made in this industry over the past 21 years while also sharing our bold vision for the future.