Edge Rounding

Good fabrication relies on good processing. Great fabrication requires awesome processing, consistent and reliable application of skill and thinking one step ahead. To stay competitive we all need staff to be providing high value rather than low value work. AS2312.2:2014 strongly recommends that all laser cut parts that will be coated (both galvanized and painted) to be provided with the edges ground off. Indeed, in order to get a more even coating near edges, painting services are demanding rounded edges in order to provide guarantees on work.

Further, especially with stainless products, safety concerns necessitate that edges are rounded off so that there is no risk of end clients cutting themselves.

Laser Central recognizes the increased need to ensure safe products and longevity on coatings. Also recognize the high costs and high OH&S risks of manually rounding edges due to double handling, and grinding dust. Manual results can be inconsistent due to low skill / task tedium, slow processing as the whole part circumference must be treated twice (top and bottom edges) and lack of ability to manually treat internal contours.

Laser Central is proud to introduce this service to clients to provide edge rounding services for mild steel, stainless steel and rare in the market, for aluminum components.

  • Compliance with AS2312.2:2014
  • Significant cost savings to clients by re-deploying labour to more valuable processing
  • Superior product quality through consistent mechanical processing
  • Full part edge treatment, external and internal
  • OH&S risk reduction through reduced dust exposure

A side benefit of our new service is de-burring. Everyone knows some materials can have burr after laser cutting. This traditionally is removed by hand, leading to less than consistent results. Where practical, Laser Central will now de-burr with a machine to provide consistent and high quality finishes.


  • Process mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Contamination free, each metal treated with different media
  • Minimum size without jigging 150x50mm (smaller possible with jig and two passes)
  • Thicknesses up to 50mm
  • Optimum (consistent across all edges) maximum part dimension: 1500mm diagonal
  • Maximum part dimensions (the short axis will be less processed than long axis: 1500mm wide, 3000mm long (longer by special arrangement)
  • Heavier radii possible with extra passes if required


Extra Processes: Drill, Tap, Countersinking, Nutcerts, Surface Treatment

Many components require little extras such as countersinking, drilling, tapping and nutcerts. Spending your time unpacking, processing and repacking such components is double handling, wasting your staff’s time. And surface coating of compoents. Your team must receive the parts only to send them out again to a sub-contractor, further wasting time and cost.

Laser Central can provide these extra process services, meaning that you use components directly without lost time or wasted resources. Laser Central can provide these little extras as well as arrange surface coatings such as galvanizing, zinc pacification and painting.


  • Tapping M3 to M24
  • Drilling to 24mm diameter
  • Counter sinking 90 degrees
  • Nut certs M3 – M12

Fabrication Services

Laser Central recognizes that sometimes clients want a reliable outsourcing option. When many sub- components are laser cut and/or folded parts, it is a natural benefit for Laser Central to provide fabricated sub-assemblies to clients.

Laser Central has a range of quality certified sub-contractor relationships that, for regular work, can provide time and cost benefits to your organization, letting you focus on your main game: product design, delivery and client management.